Immune Boost Protocol

The Immune System protects our organism from outside invaders such as: bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc. When our Immune System is compromised, we tend to get sick faster, more often and for longer periods of time. Therefore, it is very important to secure a strong Immune System, in order to be able to prevent certain ailments, ensuring thus a higher life quality.
As much as we may try to fulfill all requirements with regard to healthy living, daily stress, environmental accumulations, outside social life may easily debilitate our Immune System. Hence, we become much more predisposed to receiving or generating various types of diseases.
Only Health provides an exclusive i.v. protocol only for Immune Boost which is in the form of a cocktail of specific vitamins and antioxidants in certain effective dosages each.


While having this protocol administered, you are required only to lean on your back for approximately 60 minutes and relax while one of our professional nurses will delicately insert an i.v catheter to your arm and the mixture of vitamins and antioxidants will enter your bloodstream. The procedure is operated under the supervision of a doctor.

Your cells get nourished with high dosages of antioxidants as well as hydrated almost instantly. The body gets a chance to cleanse thoroughly getting rid of toxins, opening thus much more place for vitamin and antioxidant entrance into the cells. Cell functions are regulated, organ health is maintained or restored and above all The Immune System is Boosted significantly.

Together with the i.v administration of this protocol, you will be offered particular consultation regarding any lifestyle changes, stress management and health practices that you might need to follow in order to preserve your Immune System.

You may want to have more than one administration of this protocol. In this case, our professionals will make sure to recommend you the most appropriate package to be distributed periodically with accordance to any special conditions you might be undergoing.