Intermittent nutrition is an eating pattern where your daily eating routine is scheduled only during certain hours of the day, or sometimes certain days of the week, therefore a part of the day you are eating normally while fasting during the remaining one.
Intermittent Nutrition at Only Health starts with a special adjustment where you eat every 6-8 hours. Yet, this adjustment is made gradually. Eventually it becomes easier to fast up to 18 hours per day.
During Intermittent Fasting the body fat stores become more accessible due to lack of carbonhydrates. Therefore when the organism needs energy, it acquires it from fats, so the fat storage starts to get burned.
Fasting in general has appeared to provide numerous benefits such as higher HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels, cell repair, lower insulin levels (which lead to fat burn), etc.

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Our exclusive Intermittent Fasting program consists on 800-900 calories per day. The program is particularly designed appropriate for vegans and results in anti-aging effects and an acceleration in weight loss. Eventually triglyceride and free radical levels go down, while Ghrelin levels (which make us feel hunger) get balanced and mithocondrial function and insulin sensitivity improve remarkably.
We usually offer raw vegan food during Intermittent Fasting, in order to add up to the overall healing activity of the organism, however, you may add cooked options to your diet as long as they are vegan.
Throughout all the program you will be supervised and closely checked on by our professionals, who make sure to schedule for you not only a special nutrition program, but also other healing and relaxing therapies within our center.

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