Ozone Therapy is a type of treatment which is believed to possess a wide variety of positive effects on the organism such as: boosting the Immune System, increasing the amount of oxygen in the organism, etc. It functions by means of compromising the cell wall of bacteria, viruses and fungi, leading to inactivation of such microorganisms within the body.
Ozone also eliminates the weak or already damaged cells which are very prone to get infected by viruses, allowing them to be replaced by healthy ones.

Leading a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, not getting enough sleep, certain bacterial or viral infection manifestations may have inconvenient results regarding our inner organism as well as our outer appearance. As it is mentioned above, Ozone Therapy helps us to converse such effects, while also significantly allow for a better and brighter skin complexion with its anti-aging properties.


At Only Health Ozone Therapy is applied intravenously, in addition to some other administration methods. One of our professional nurses will delicately obtain almost 100 ml of blood from your vein, enrich it with Ozone and send it back to your vein through the same catheter.

Each process lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. At least 10 sessions of Ozone Therapy are advised in order to get all the healing benefits of Ozone.
You will be further consulted by our professionals regarding the adequacy of the Ozone Therapy and its applicable frequency in accordance with any special conditions you might be undergoing.