NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a molecule already produced in our bodies in order to carry on cell functions due to the proper use of energy by the cells of our organism. This is regulated by NAD+ (the active form of NAD). With time NAD production in our organism decreases, inducing thus aging of the organs, especially of the brain, as well as increasing the predisposition for acquiring diseases and for generating age-related chronical ones.

NAD Therapy is a very good way of boosting the immune system, increasing energy, stimulating brain functions, slowing down aging, reducing inflammation, etc. It is also prescribed as a miracle molecule of youth.
After having had a NAD i.v. session applied, you may feel much more energetic, concentration, memory and mental clarity will be remarkably enhanced, mood changes will decrease, certain types of pains you might be feeling (particularly aches caused by sport injuries) will start to fade.
Anybody can be a good candidate for having NAD+ administered. You don’t have to wait for age-related ailments to show up in order to have a NAD Therapy. While helping with the reduction of a wide variety of symptoms and slowing down the development of certain chronical diseases, NAD Therapy also allows the prevention of some of these ailments, enhancing cell regeneration and tissue function, making up for younger organs and stronger systems within the body.

Scientific research has provided results of enhanced cognitive functions due to NAD Therapy, leading to better learning and orientation abilities. NAD users usually prescribe it as the clearance of the brain fog. I.v. NAD applications are assessed as a good complementary therapy also for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson diseases, as well as predispositions to such maladies.
In addition, NAD has shown to be able to reduce some particular receptors generated to substances during addiction periods. Due to NAD Treatments recovering from addictive states has been found to be more easy, in addition to the ability of reversing the damage caused by these substances on the brain and the overall body.

NAD supplements taken orally are not able to pass the gastric barrier and its acids unaltered, thus the most effective form of NAD nowadays is intravenous administration. Here at Only Health you are administered NAD by our certified professionals under the supervision of a doctor.

Depending on what is being treated, NAD dosages and administration frequencies are personalized. You will be able to get further information on sessions and their repetitions from the respective consultants at Only Health.