Resveratrol is a high potential antioxidant found in grape skin, grape seed and other plants.

It exhibits anti-diabetic, anti-adipogenic, anti-tumour, neuroprotective effects due to stimulation of certain antioxidative pathways within the cells. It also has antiviral effects on viruses such as Herpes. Due to mediation of particular physiological events, Resveratrol is found to be accountable for a longer life expectancy.
When we lead an unhealthy lifestyle, with plenty of junk food, smoking and alcohol, our bodies digest these ingredients and produce a lot of toxins as a result. The accumulation of these toxins leads to cellular and tissue damage, endangering thus our organs and our health in general. Resveratrol, with its anti-inflammatory and free radicals scavenging properties, is able to reverse such effects.
Here at Only Health you can easily have certain dosages of Resveratrol administered intravenously. Besides its overall health meliorating effects, you will shortly be able to recognize the anti-aging effects of resveratrol on your skin and the changes in your general complexion.


Though any age above 18 may benefit from administrations of Resveratrol Protocol, patients with cardiovascular ailments and chronical diseases such as diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritis, even obesity, might obtain great benefits due to frequent resveratrol ingestions. It not only reverses the negative effects such ailments have on the organism, above all it prevents the generation of a wide range of diseases by protecting the body from free-radicals.
The protocol is administered in our center by one of our professional nurses under the supervision of a doctor. For further details regarding the number of sessions of Resveratrol Protocol advised and the frequency you should have them administered, you will be consulted by our respective professionals.