About Us


Founded in Istanbul under the name OnlyHealth.co Only Health has been successfully operating in the fields of wellness and healthy living since 2005, and has made an eager entrance to Biohacking recently.

With the main principle of rising life quality at any given age, Only Health has thrived on solid steps from the day of foundation to this one, due to implementation of the latest technology, as well as a fully equipped professional staff and environment. Our professional as well as assertive team consists of doctors, dietitians, nurses, detox consultants and other health experts, who are totally commited to lead our guests to a healthy lifestyle with healthy habits.

Though technological world keeps making great strides everyday, our visionary experts make sure to pursuit the most cutting-edge devices and treatments with the best results at any given time.

Opting into newest research and developing new ways to allow people meet their highest life quality limits has been one of our essential missions from the beginning and will continue to guide us through each step all along.

Having demonstrated our loyalty and welfare through various situations and agreements in different times and places, we are proud and confident to be able to represent ourselves with great transparency and accomplishment.