Founded in 2005 in Istanbul; Only Health, which works in the field of healthy life and wellness, has recently included Biohacking programs. Only Health, which is the first center in Turkey with this feature, has taken its place in the world’s leading centers. Inspired by the philosophy of “healing with the power that comes from within” and established to spread this philosophy, OnlyHealth.co aims to purify people from the toxins they are exposed to in their daily lives and to improve their quality of life by adopting a healthy lifestyle with the awareness that the main cause of all diseases is toxemia and chronic inflammation.

Only Health, which adopts the basic principle of improving the quality of life at every age, has been taking firm steps forward with the latest technology applications, fully equipped professional staff and environment since its establishment.

Our ambitious and professional staff consists of doctors, dietitians, nurses, detox counselors and other health experts who are dedicated to guiding our guests towards a lifestyle shaped by healthy habits.

While the world technology shows new developments every day, our visionary specialists successfully follow the state-of-the-art devices and treatments that provide the best results and adapt our center to the latest systems.

Our core mission from the very beginning of our journey has been to develop new ways of enabling our guests to achieve the highest quality of life through cutting-edge research and will continue to guide us every step of the way.

Having demonstrated our commitment to our mission and the quality of our services through various situations and agreements in different places and times; we are proud and confident to be able to represent our center with great transparency and success.