Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the condition where one person feels extremely exhausted most of the time, even not sleeping or not retiring enough is not the case. This leads to lower concentration, sleepy mood, not being able to get a proper refreshing sleep and not being able to stand up.

It is believed that chronic fatigue syndrome might be triggered by many factors such as: bad eating habits, chronic diseases, toxin accumulations, mental and physical stress, etc. Yet, it is not possible to define just one cause for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Here at Only Health, we make sure to bring together all the ingredients needed to boost your energy and offer them as an i.v. administration applied by one of our professional nurses under the supervision of a doctor.


While you lay on your back and wait the i.v. mixture to enter your bloodstream, you may choose to have a relaxing body or face care treatment, a feet or head massage, in order to help you get away from daily stress at least for some moments. This would show positive effects on the fatigue itself.
Furnishing your body with special vitamins, antioxidants and energy boosting ingredients, will allow the organism to get rid of toxins, compensate any defficiencies of daily required vitamins and minerals, enhance brain functions, increase mithochondrial activity, leading to energy replenish.
In case it is noticed that some chronic disease may be the reason of the fatigue syndrome, you will be consulted by our professionals regarding any changes that might be needed to take place. They will make sure to provide you with detailed information about your condition and about anything needed to be done in order to feel better.
You will also be recommended the mos appropriate frequency and period you are supposed to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome protocol administered according to your personal situation.