Also called Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy, Ten-Pass Ozone Therapy consists on using up to 2.5 Litres of blood to enrich with Ozone. That is why it is called Ten-Pass, as it is almost 10 times the amount of blood used in the Major Ozone Therapy. The blood is pressurised in special hyperbaric bottles and is thoroughly enriched with Ozone.
While Major Ozone Therapy incorporates several positive effects in regard of immunity, blood circulation, detoxification, etc., Ten-Pass Ozone Therapy is found to show more intensive outcomes.

It has been noticed that Hyperbaric Ozone stimulates some special brain cells and also accomplishes much more comprehensive detoxifying, anti-anging and pain maintenance effects, because some of these effects are seen only after the 8th pass.


Ten-Pass Ozone Therapy will help with the chronic fatigue syndrome, circulation disorders, chronic viral infections such as herpes and hepatitis, prevention of chronical illnesses, etc.
You will be adminstered Ten-Pass Ozone Therapy by our professional nurses, under the supervision of a doctor.
You will just need to relax on one of our comfortable seats and take a break from daily life while the Ozone enriched blood is delivered to your veins.

Hence you might want to bring a book or something to pass quality time as the procedure might last about 2 hours.

Before any procedures you will be consulted regarding any health conditions you might have, given that it is appropriate, the administration schedule and frequency will be arranged accordingly.