During sportive acitivities our organisms require more energy and more oxygen compared to resting and relaxing activities. This energy can be supplied by a chocolate bar as well as by healthy nutrition.

The body would use both of them and meet the need for burning something in order to get sufficiently energy for the cells. Still, it is very important that we use nutritious and healthy food in order to satisfy the organism.
Special supplementations should be put into consideration to be used during physical activity, with the purpose of making sure that no defficiencies are going to occur, as well as helping to prevent the body from several symptoms such as joint pains and tiredness.


Our Sport Protocol includes various ingredients which reinforce the ability to undergo harder, longer and more intensive sportive activities. The i.v. mixture helps with the overall bone health, ability to resist, proper cell functioning as well as appropriate healing.
The protocol is delicately administered intravenously by one of our nurses, under the supervision of our doctors. It generally lasts about 60 minutes. The ingredients and their dosages can be tailor-designed in accordance with any special needs.
In addition, Only Health provides special devices which help a lot with the sportive posture and with the muscle condition, as well as activity during rehabilitation. Our professionals will ensure to recommend you the most appropriate procedures and devices according to your personal needs.