It is a method of accelerating the lymphatic and venous circulation in the body with this device that can pressure massage the body. With this procedure, the fluid accumulated in the vessels is removed. The lymph drainage device is used in the removal of edema in the body due to different diseases, regional thinning, cellulite treatment and body tightening.


Accelerates lymphatic circulation. Increases oxygenation in muscles before sports. Disperses lactic acid production after sports. Blood circulation accelerates. The inter-tissue accumulated fats that cause cellulite are removed from the body by participating in the lymph system. Thus, cellulite is reduced. It helps to remove the broken down fats from the body after fat burning applications. Oxygenation increases in the cells and the skin is revitalized. The removal of unwanted toxic substances accumulated in the body accelerates. Provides detox effect. Relaxes the body with massage effect.