Coffee Enemas are very popular implementations in countries such as Thailand, due to the population’s enthusiasm towards complementary medicine. It has first been put to use by Dr. Max Gerson, inside his famous Gerson Therapy in 1930s, in order to help cancer treatment.

It consists of a mixture of coffee dissolved in water at room temperature, applied rectally in the form of enema. It is administered with the purpose of cleansing the bowels, as well as dilating them, allowing for more bile secretions to enter the intestines, resulting in a better cleansing of the organism. It also is supposed to stimulate the liver regarding Gluthatione production, leading to antioxidant effects throughout the organism and detoxifying of the body.

Coffee enemas are privately administered at Only Health with the help of a nurse, in accordance with proper hygienic dispenses. You are supposed to immediately feel relieved from gass and bloating, as well as constipation.

Having Coffee Enemas applied 1/per week to 1/per month has been found reliefing and benefitting, yet you have to undergo such applications under doctor consultations taking in consideration any underlying conditions you might be experiencing.