Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy is designed and manufactured in Italy. It is a treatment method that activates both lymph and blood circulation and magical touches that give multiple results for the face and body.

Body Treatments

The Pressurised Micro Vibration Method used in Endospheres Therapy, which is a miracle from head to toe, is the most modern and healthy treatment method that makes magic touches on your body and makes a rapid change in the areas you are not satisfied with. Endospheres offers an innovative and hygienic solution for all problems starting from cellulite to body shaping with this latest technology that promises a complete renewal.

Face Treatments

No more ageing with Endospheres Therapy! For a definitive and permanent solution, meet the most modern technology that works under your skin and eliminates all signs of aging, especially wrinkles. It is now impossible to age with Endospheres Therapy, which equalises the skin, provides tone, combats dark circles and is the definitive solution for under-eye bags. In addition, the treatment increases collagen and elastin secretion, which are indispensable elements of your beauty, and accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid, which has an important contribution to the disappearance of under-eye bags.


The device uses COMPRESSIVE MICROVIBRATION technology to transmit low frequency vibrations, creating a pulsed, rhythmic effect on the tissue. The waves generated by the vibrations have 5 healing effects on the tissue: Pain Relief, Vascular Effect, Lenfatic Drainage, Body Shaping, Muscle Toning.