Clatuu Alpha (Cold Lipolysis)

Cold Lipolysis technology, which is effective in shaping the belly, abdomen, hips, buttocks, waist, back, knees and legs and does not require a healing process, reduces fat tissue by 20% to 40% in a single session. It is a painless, painless and safe procedure that can be applied to men and women of all ages.

What is Cold Lipolysis?

The fat cells in your body increase, multiply and grow depending on the amount of calories you take in. Cold Lipolysis does not require exercise, injection and offers the possibility of application in every part of your body.

Cold Lipolysis can be safely applied in all areas with a fat thickness of 2.5 cm such as double chin, abdomen, abdomen, arms, hips, buttocks, back, knees, inner legs, bagel area, and bra line. The fat cells that are broken down after the application are excreted from the body with the help of the urinary system within 72 hours.

in Which Areas can Cold Lipolysis be Used?

Belly, Abdomen, Basen, Hip, Jowl, Arm, Back, Knee, Inner leg, Bagel Zone, Sternal Line...