EWOT is the act of breathing in oxygen at higher concentrations during exercise. In the past, simple masks and nasal cannulas directly connected to an oxygen generator were the best methods for providing users with purer oxygen. However, oxygen generators are limited to producing a maximum of only 10 liters per minute (LPM). A healthy adult can easily breathe 60-70+ LPM during exercise. As a result, the old systems diluted the purity of the 93% pure oxygen coming from the generator by mixing it with ambient air, compromising the quality and limiting the benefits.

This issue has been resolved with HyperMax Oxygen. HyperMax Oxygen uses an oxygen generator to fill a medical-grade oxygen reservoir that holds 900 liters of oxygen; this oxygen supply is connected to a high-flow mask. While wearing the mask, users can breathe 93% oxygen without any contamination from room air. The valve system ensures that users only breathe oxygen from the produced source. Exhaled CO2 is vented to the room through an appropriate port.