The Green Salad Detox is a diet program that mainly consists on the intake of plenty of dark leafy greens, sprouts, as well as some particular fruit juices during specific hours of the day. During this program chewing is not omitted entirely, yet you are supposed to be chewing only the fresh green herbal mixtures offered to you as salads.
All along Green Salad Detox we make sure that you are getting your daily requirements regarding vitamins and minerals, as well as plenty of antioxidants. As a consequence of consuming high clorophyll amounts which are found in the dark green leaves, your blood oxygen levels increase, leading to an enhance in brain functions, a boost in the immunity system, better organ health, and less symptoms of any current chronic diseases.

curative effect

Due to the safe and pure nutrition made of the pre-defined salads, juices and plenty of alkaline water, in addition to curative effects mentioned above, you will also experience weight loss. You can implement many of our fitness and wellbeing procedures to your Green Salad Detox plan, therefore weight loss and health maintenance effects will intensify.
A period of 1-3 days of Green Salad Detox is advised to be followed before and after a session of Master Detox in order to soothe the transition. This program is also an excellent choice for individuals that are accompanying any other guests that are already undergoing a Master Detox or any of our other programs at Only Health.