The liver support program is designed to rest the liver, return it to normal function, reduce and prevent fatty deposits, and support new cell formation with a deep cleanse. Processed, fatty, sugary and salty foods increase the burden on the liver and slow down the process of removing toxins from the body. Alcohol consumption severely damages the liver and leads to health problems such as fatty liver disease. The way to compensate for all these damages and prolong life is through a healthy liver. Tailor-made detox and purification programs are designed to support liver health.

Diabetes Program

Type 2 diabetes, also known as diabetes, is a metabolic syndrome that occurs when the body undergoes a negative change at the cellular and physiological level due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. For a real solution to diabetes and a healthier life, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of diabetes, not its symptoms. We aim to reduce and remove the symptoms of diabetes with our personalized diabetic green salad detox program and diabetic ketogenic program.

Hypertension Program

Hypertension is a condition where blood pressure rises excessively due to unhealthy life choices, unbalanced eating habits and genetic factors. Our Master Detox, Green Liquid and Green Salad detox programs provide effective results in the treatment of high blood pressure by quickly balancing blood pressure levels.

Rheumatic Disease Program

The term rheumatic diseases is commonly used to refer to disorders of connective tissue. These diseases affect the joint tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles of individuals. In some cases, rheumatic diseases are called musculoskeletal diseases. Nutrition is very important in rheumatic diseases. Our detox programs and alkaline nutrition programs are very effective in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.