Ozone Therapy consists on enriching a part of the blood with Ozone and giving it back intravenously or intramuscular. In the Minor Ozone Therapy only a small amount of approximately 2-5 ml of blood are extracted from the patient and administered intramuscular after being enriched with Ozone.
This procedure allows Ozone to enter the bloodstream almost directly, and supplies the organism with a wide range of benefits.
Due to its oxidation properties on viruses, bacteria and fungi, Ozone boosts the Immunity System, fights inflammation, improves blood circulation, maintains normal hormone production, regulates concentration and helps in rejuvenating blood vessels.

The procedure is administered by one of our professional nurses under totally hygienic circumstances. In case you are undergoing any special health conditions, you will be consulted on behalf of the appropriateness of having this type of therapy administered, as well as the advised frequency.