Master Detox is one of the most effective and fastest liquid based cleansing programs. The main idea during this type of detox program is to leave our digestive system alone for a particular period of time by totally inhibiting chewing. As the energy normally spent for digestion finds its path to make up for cleansing and healing instead, your body experiences several curative outcomes.

During a Master Detox program you are offered certain shakes, made of freshly squeezed vegetables and alkalizing ingredients. Special high fibre additions such as Psyllum Husks Fibre and Bentonite Clay are included in these shakes, leading thus to bulk formation within your bowels, which helps with toxin capture and its excretion afterwards.

By means of shakes, juices and special supplements we make sure to be offering all daily nutritional requirements such as vitamins and minerals, hence no defficiencies occur. After a Master Detox session, you will be able to feel the changes throughout all your body, in and out, and your daily energy and tolerance levels will rise significantly. All harmful effects caused by toxin accumulation due to bad lifestyle choices, will start to disappear and thorough cleansing and healing will take place within your organism. You will quickly notice the bright complexion that your skin will acquire due to toxin reduction, as well as the rejuvenation of your overall body.

Our professionals advise to undergo a Master Detox program for at least 4 days and at most 21 days in a row. 2-3 days before and after the program, you are supposed to consume only plant-based foods in order to help the organism experience a smoother transition from normal feeding to totally raw and liquid nurturing.