Nuvola Algae Wrapper

Nuvola is a technologically advanced product created as an evolution of traditional body treatments: From pure aesthetics to a holistic experience. It offers a unique sensual environment, composed of an intelligent synergy of water, heat and light.

- The body floats in 400 liters of temperature-adjustable water, wrapped in a waterproof sheet filled with water. Although there is no direct contact with water, the feeling of warmth and immersion is absolute. You can choose from fading color sequences or your own favorite color.

Swimming in zero gravity enhances the effects of the treatment and facilitates the elimination of toxins through the synergistic effect of: -Water evenly distributed throughout the body with a patented system. -Water temperature that supports the opening of skin pores. -Increased sweating facilitating the removal of impurities. -Complete physical and mental relaxation with improved microcirculation. -Various forms of hydromassage, depending on Nuvola's version, to further relax the touched parts of the body and intensify the effects of the treatment