The main idea of a Ketogenic Diet is carbohydrate restriction. During the program you get nourished with mostly fats and a small ratio of proteins. Yet, glucose being one of the main sources of energy for the cells, especially for the brain cells, is needed and when we fail to provide glucose for these cells they have the tendency to find something similar to feed themselves. In this case, ketones, which come out when we burn fats. This leads to weight loss as well as a remarkable decrease of cholesterol levels in the blood.

Ketogenic Diet

Our Ketogenic Nutrition program consists of a special ratio of plant-based fats (60-70%), proteins (20-30%) and carbs (5-10%). Besides carbohydrate restriction, the total caloric intake is also reduced to 1000-1200 calories/day.

After our Ketogenic Diet Program you will be able to notice weight loss, while your blood glucose and cholesterol levels will significantly decrease. Your immune system will get a chance to improve, as well as your daily life energy, which will increase remarkably.