In just 30 minutes of treatment, EMSLIM works your muscles more than 20,000 times, making you feel like you are doing an intense workout. This is called inactive exercise, which builds muscle and burns fat.

Clinical tests show that with EMSLIM the body can increase muscle mass by up to 18% while losing up to 21% fat. The energy penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, activating and intensively training the muscles with preset parameters for different body types. Activated muscles increase blood circulation and burn calories.

It also helps to increase the muscle ratio while burning fat. EMSLIM application allows patients to perform intense exercise while lying down. It is recommended to apply at intervals of 2-3 days. There is no healing process. Patients return to their daily routines immediately after the application. In addition, the treatment increases collagen and elastin secretion, which are indispensable elements of your beauty, and accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid, which has an important contribution to the disappearance of under-eye bags.

In general, patients can create a weekly EMSLIM application program between 4-6 sessions. Every woman and man without general health problems can have the application. With this device, which is the embodiment of the latest technology, you can have the fit body of your dreams.