Probiotics are the good bacteria that compose the flora of our gut. They help with digestion, absorbance of certain vitamins, and a wide variety of bodily processes.
The Probiotic bacteria amount in the colon and its maintenance is important. These types of bacteria tend to be very delicate and they may get disbalanced quickly and from several reasons. The use of antibiotics and other medicines forces the probiotics in our body to deteriorate. The impairment leads to bowl problems such as bloating, constipation/ diarrhea, gassy abdomen.
As much as we may try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, environmental pollution, compromised nutritive ingredients, daily stress, use of medicines, all may lead to an unappropriate gut flora composition. Thus, we often prefere to take Probiotics as supplements, which in fact helps a lot. However, swallowing such supplements in the form of a tablet or capsule will have to pass through the gastric barrier, from which unfortunately only a certain amount survives.

Sometimes the good bacteria has had a really bad time. During such situations an enema enriched with probiotics would be the fastest way to recover gut health and to recreate a balanced probiotic flora.

The Probiotic Enema is applied rectally with the help of our respective nurses under extensive hygiene and privacy. After the procedure, you may immediately feel the comfort that the washing of the colon allows for in the belly area. The bloating ad constipation symptoms dissapear at once, while the colon is enriched with healthy bacteria and gets a chance to function properly.

You will be consulted regarding the frequency of Probiotic Enema sessions you may have applied, in accordance with any special current conditions of yours.