This protocol integrates Vasper’s blood flow restriction training to optimize hormones and build explosive power, Red Light & Cryotherapy for enhanced blood flow and inflammation reduction, and a Laser + IV Drip for superior nutrient delivery. Ideal for athletes and those seeking advanced recovery and health optimization.

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Hormones are essential elements to keep our body performing and recovering. Vasper offers the most elegant and effective form of blood flow restriction training in the world. Adding Vasper to your training regime optimises your hormone profile for better performance, greater gains from workload and greatly accelerated recovery. Performance and recovery are two sides of the same coin. On one side, Vasper can be treated as an active recovery that helps heal and repair the body by initiating anabolic hormone production. On the other hand, having high levels of anabolic hormones and low levels of stress hormones is fundamental to achieving peak performance. Vasper's low impact design allows it to be used in-season by an athlete while ensuring that no physical stress is added to the workload. Vasper is used by a rapidly growing number of professional athletes and organisations worldwide.
Decreased inflammation / Increase anabolic hormone production for performance / Gains and recovery / improved sleep for better recovery / build more type II muscle fibres to increase explosive power and speed / Redefine peak performance

It helps: to increase blood flow / to reduce inflammation / to increase collagen levels / to reduce pain / to accelerate the healing process / to mould your shape / to help support your mental well-being.

NUTRIENTS PRESCRIBED WITH LIGHT THERAPY IV: The most powerful and effective way to deliver essential macronutrients to your cells!