Aging is a natural process that gradually makes bodily functions decline. There is no specific age which we may define as old age, yet over time a wide range of cellular damage occurs and this leads to becoming old.

Following a healthy lifestyle, the intake of organic and healthy nutrition, exercise, anti-stress activities, face and body cares are some daily practices we may pursue in order to subside the impact of aging.
Due to scientific research, specific substances are found to possess anti-aging effects. The Anti-Aging Protocol of Only Health is a mixture of some of these specific components. It includes several vitamins and antioxidants, as well as various peptides and aminoacids. Some of these are already found within the organism but their production lowers with time, so we try to replace them directly or stimulate their release within the organism. The others are in general essential substances which can be obtained only from outside.


The Anti-Aging protocol helps with rejuvenation by reversing the negative effects that age has on tissues and organs. While the organism finds the oportunity to furnish the cells with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as free radical scavenging antioxidants, toxins that may trigger aging go away and cell regeneration is optimized. It is especially designed for revitalization and ‘healthy aging’.
An anti-aging outcome does not mean only the presuming of low age from somebodys outer appearance, it mostly consists on properly functioning organs, vitality of the body and preventing chronical diseases together with their symptoms as long as possible. A clear mind with a strong body at any age is the outcome we aim with regular Anti-Aging protocol administrations.
The protocol is administered intravenously by one of our nurses under the supervision of a doctor. You will be recommended the most complementary procedures and special cares you may need to undergo in order to support the anti-aging effect of the protocol and increase the probability for better and faster results.