PEMF/Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy + EWOT / Exercise with Oxygen + PBMT/Photo-Biomodulation Therapy/Red Light Therapy: Live like a superhuman with the power of magnetism, light and oxygen. It is a 35-minute protocol utilising 3 powerful technologies: PEMF, EXOT and Photobiomodulation.

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Each of the Technologies in this Protocol has a deeper impact on the next. For example, magnetism uncouples cells by charging them, which allows more oxygen absorption. This in turn helps light therapy optimise ATP production and reduce oxidative stress. Now everyone, not just athletes, can enjoy the benefits of improved performance! Regardless of age or physical condition, the benefits of the Superhuman Protocol are undeniable. The combined power of magnetism, oxygen and light gives our clients proven results. Restore your organisation and rejuvenate yourself with these powerful natural forces in just 35 minutes!