Environmental changes, air pollution, daily stress, excess weight and several other factors lead to deplete of energy physically and mentally. That is why recently people have started to search ways and options to fight against these factors, in order to help our body systems to function properly.
Only Health has exclusively designed a protocol that includes a wide variety of substances that help with the revitalization of the organism. Certain antioxidant ingredients scavenge daily accumulating toxins and free radicals. Vitamins and minerals allow the proper cell functioning, leading to better energy utilization, hence energy levels within the body increase remarkably.
Energy protocol can be administered in an effort to deactivate the negative effects that daily life impacts on us, as well as to help with the cleansing and healing systems of the body. Healthier cells will lead to better functioning organs. In addition, immunity system improves and the organism faces less diseases, preserving thus the overall energy of the body.


Our professionals will make sure to recommend you the appropriate number of administrations you should undergo, as well as tailor-design the formulation of the i.v. mixture acoording to any particular needs you might have.
The protocol is administered in our center. During it you are not supposed to be linked to any devices. Other revitalizing therapies such as a head or feet massage may be co-administered in order to provide even better results.

You will be consulted regarding any lifestyle changes that you might need to make in general in order to give more chance to the body to generate pure energy and make a finer use of it.