Our brain is one of the most important organs of our body. Due to its efficiency and proper functioning, we are able to undergo an extremely wide range of activities, starting from moving our hand to reciting a poetry by heart, and of course much more.

The brain, being the busiest center within our body, needs a lot of nourishing. Even we may be doing our best to feed properly and healthy, age, daily stress, environmental factors, etc. may result in brain impairments and cognitive complaints.
Only Health provides you with an exclusive Brain and Neural Support Protocol, which includes several ‘’intelligent’’ ingredients. The mixture of particular vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants defined to take place within this protocol, is administered intravenously by our nurses under the supervision of our doctors.


The ingredients used within this mixture, improve blood circulation helping the brain obtain more blood, thus more oxygen. Brain cells are nourished, tissue function is maintained and vascular system (including the blood vessels within the brain) is supported.

Neurotransmitters are restored, while mood swings and also some depression symptoms are abolished.
The protocol being applied periodically, will soon leave you feeling much more clearer mentally, your concentration ability will significantly increase, and you will also notice remarkable changes in your memory.
You may prefer Brain and Neural Support Protocol especially during mentally tiring and stressful schedules, in case you have a genetic predisposition for cognitive function decline, or just to prevent negative effects that come with age.

You will be consulted in details regarding the frequency of Brain and Neural Support Protocol administrations in accordance with any ailments or disorders momentarily present.