What does water fasting do for our body?

Water Fasting is one of our purest cleansing programs. This type of fasting has been popular since ancient times, with regard to physical and mental health, as well as cleansing and healing in general.

Consuming food is limited during Water Fasting, giving thus a chance to the digestive system to repose. As the body does not need a lot of energy for digestion anymore, the current energy is well used into the paths of healing and getting rid of toxins.

positive effects

During our Water Fasting Program we make sure that your organism is sufficiently furnished with plenty of alkalized water, furthermore with all essential vitamins and minerals, preventing thus any defficiencies, while providing a faster and more effective purification.

In addition to Water Fasting program, you will be able to also experience several comforting therapies and get a chance to relax. After undergoing Water Fasting for a certain period here at our centre, you may notice remarkable changes in your overall skin complexion and your weight.

Also, your body will get cleansed thoroughly, enabling a boost in the healing processes as well as in your daily life energy.